RachelMills (rachelmills) wrote,

Playboy!!! (the virtues of,)

I did it! I subscribed. Under my own brazen name. Soon I will join the ranks of eagerly awaiting subscribers anticipating the mailman's delivery near the end of every month.

I freakin LOVE Playboy. I'm out of the closet about it. And I LOVE strip clubs. You know why? I'm a feminist, and there is power in femininininity. And why on earth are people complaining about women being exploited when its the men going broke and the women paying for night school and college? We all have our different gifts and tools given to us by God. The world works the way it works, and if you don't utilize what ya got and make the most of it, its only you gonna be sorry.

Tell me what's healthier? Next time you stand in line in the grocery store, you think about this - the last time you saw a Playboy, what did the cover model look like? Now look at that Cosmo or Vanity Fair, sold outside of plastic wrap in front of your 3 year old. Tell me which model is more likely to be doing lines of coke to look the way she looks? Which one is puking up her sushi in the bathroom? Flip through the articles of a Cosmo and a Playboy, side by side. While Cosmo will try with 90% of their print space to make you buy something for $2000 that you could get for $50 because of a label, Playboy will make you think. They, in the fine print of their company reports, consider themselves libertarian, small L. As a stockholder I know. :) I've even read most of Hef's 345 page philosophy statement. (I adore that man. And I touched his smoking jacket in LA and cried for about $150 worth of my party just out of awe.) Hef is a hero of liberty and has completely infiltrated society with his message. He fights the fight, and wins. The post office delivers his mail. That in itself is a victory no one appreciates 40 years later. You didn't know it took numerous court battles including the Supreme Court for that to happen, did you? I'm not even old enough to KNOW about the trouble this man has seen, and I can't get over it.

Image. For women. Fact - women in this country tend to be overweight. In fact, according to www.obesityinamerica.org 62% of female Americans are considered overweight and obesity is the 2nd leading cause of preventable death in the US. We need a little pressure, and a fit, healthy ideal is probably a good thing for the American female psyche. As much as she may resent the high standard - which standard is something to aspire to, vs. which standard will only drive you to depression? Lindsay Lohan? Nicole Richie? Kate Moss? or Jenny McCarthy, Rachel Culkin, Tiffany Fallon? Healthy, curvy women, classic blushing beauties, not heroine chic.

I'm excited about my first official Playboy issue, and proud to join this healthy family.
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