RachelMills (rachelmills) wrote,

Calendar for 2009?

I had an idea for a calendar for 2009 - for sale in 2008. It might be time for a fun little resurgeance.

I was really frustrated by the recent elections. Notably my friend Richard Norman in Winston-Salem who tried soooo hard to get on the lousy city freakin council. He knocked on doors and pounded pavement and outraised his opponents and worked harder than anyone should have to get a city council seat for almost no pay and no love. And it wasn't even close. He got like 30-something percent. I just sighed and said, they're just not ready to look behind door #3. The devil you know is less scary than the devil you don't. That's what Americans are still thinking. What they don't understand is that they already know this devil. Our country became great on this devil called freedom. They just need to be re-introduced.

So what about a high-concept calendar based on Ladies of Liberty behind door #3? Each month deals with one issue and we have the conservative position, the liberal position - both problematic and with lot of mixed media art and captions explaining why. Then there is a paper flap labeled door #3 and the Lady of Liberty is behind that on stark white representing the views of freedom.

Each month would be a lot to look at, a lot to absorb, very different from the last 2.

Production would be a pain. Have to print double the sheets and might have to assemble them myself for that little cutout feature to work... It would be a fun artsy project tho and I have 2 years....

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